New volunteer Sonny & "old-timer" Steve-O prep the PB&J's

For a girl named Barney, it was the chickens. We stood in a circle, each sharing the highs and lows of our ride in Wilder Ranch State Park, the highs ranged from the horses to the chickens to skidding out on the dirt. More than one participant claimed the upcoming climb out of Wilder as their low. No one complained of crashing or being stuck in the sand, even though those were challenges for many.

This November Trips for Kids Santa Cruz had one of its larger groups for its monthly ride. Participants from Watsonville Police Activities League , and CASA of Santa Cruz County shared the ride with  our regular participant, Steve-O. We also had two new volunteers join us, as well. Looks like our organization is growing at a healthy pace, and we’re happy to be connecting adults who love to ride with kids who just may need some fun in the fresh air, on two wheels.

It was a good day.  And we’re going to make more of them.
More good days for more kids and more volunteers. Bringing the Santa Cruz County community together. Two wheels rolling round and round.  May the cycle of growth continue. Let us always share the stoke.


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