On Saturday October 1, Trips for Kids Santa Cruz participated in Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Four participants from Tyler House, along with their supervisor, Crystal, joined us for a day of skills practice, a group ride, and a fruitful raffle.

Thanks again, Dave, for assisting with transportation to Monterey from Aptos. As usual, it’s both a useful and fun part of our rides.

There was an “easy ride”, around the large parking lot and roads within Toro Park. The “advanced ride” was a four mile narrow single track and fire road climb. The participants were challenged, but never complained, and seemed to enjoy the event. One youth summed up the challenges on the downhill single track: sketchy. Our ride leader rode behind him and was impressed with his control. The youth mentioned that he has experience riding BMX and MX. Hmmmm…let’s get this kid out for more rides!

At noon we were treated to a free BBQ of veggie burgers and hot dogs. A free raffle commenced  and everyone came home a winner. Our group of participants took home four new helmets. What a great day!

Everyone had a great time. Crystal appreciated that it was a free event. Like many organizations that help youth, Tyler House has experienced funding cuts. Trips for Kids Santa Cruz is proud to be a cost effective activity for organizations who care for and guide youth. Some will ride on; others will take with them a great memory. Little by little, we are changing a small part of our world.


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