Download required forms

In order to participate in a ride with CBC, each participant must complete the following required form. Only one language version per person is necessary.

Group organizers are responsible for collecting completed paperwork of participants, and delivering it to the CBC Ride Coordinator prior to the start of the ride.

English Spanish
CBC-Liability-Release-Media-Release-Medical-Information.english CBC Asuncion, Medico y Medio Formulario para Participantes

Ride checklist for youth


  • A backpack with additional clothing for changing temperatures in Santa Cruz. Don’t forget a jacket even if it is warm out.
  • Bike shorts if you have them. Soccer, basketball, or running shorts work well, too.
  • A sturdy pair of shoes for walking and biking. Athletic shoes work best.
  • Your Community Bike Collective Rider Consent Form signed by a parent or guardian. You cannot go on the ride if this form is not signed and with you.
  • Eat a good breakfast on the day of the trip, and come prepared to have fun!


  • Electronic devices (ipods, games, etc.). Mobile phones are OK, but must remain silent.
  • Any clothing or other item that may be considered gang-related (i.e., no red or blue clothing, no letter belts, no red or blue at all).
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

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