Kymberly LacrosseKymberly Lacrosse, President, has been a Community Organizer at the United Way of Santa Cruz County for over five years and is currently the Program Director of Jovenes SANOS. Kymberly has a BA from UCSC and MA from SJSU, both in Sociology. In addition, Kymberly is engaged in ongoing Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Change which strives to design community change that makes a real difference. Over twenty-five years of partnering with youth in many capacities give her the front line experience that intertwines with her academic and intellectual knowledge. Her commitment to justice, access and health drive her to work diligently to change the systems in place for more equitable, thriving and healthy communities. Kym’s love for mountain biking started many years ago after experiencing the adventure, nature, thrill, technical and endurance aspects of the sport all in one package. “My love for mountain biking, inner determination and strength, and nature are an experience I am thankful to share with as many young people as possible,” says Kym.

Melissa ClineMelissa Cline, Treasurer, is a genomics scientist at U.C. Santa Cruz, and has been an avid cyclist since she was a child. As a young woman, she valued cycling as an independent mode of transportation, and as a way to get out of the house and explore her world a little bit more. Now as an adult, she values mountain biking as something that gets her away from the computer. Trips for Kids Santa Cruz combines her love of cycling with her motivation to make a difference in the lives of young people. “Mountain biking offers kids tangible experience at learning to overcome challenges, while having fun outside in a beautiful setting. Overcoming an obstacle on a trail is more than a thrill, it’s empowering. It changes you to realize that you’ve done something that wasn’t easy, that you couldn’t do the day before. That sort of experience carries over to all areas of life”.

Lindsay Overton, Vice President

Danny Guzman, Secretary

Alex Ponik, Director of Stuff


 Legends of Trips for Kids Santa Cruz

These folks have given so much to Trips for Kids Santa Cruz and we owe them a HUGE thank you:

Allison CruzAllison Cruz, Founder, has represented youth for 20 years as an attorney. From juvenile dependency clients who have seen abuse and neglect, to juvenile delinquent clients who are involved in the justice system, Allison has seen it all. “I thought I would do what I can to hopefully have a positive effect. I decided it might help if these often underprivileged kids could get their adrenaline rushes from mountain biking instead of through gang activities.” Allison’s husband, Jason, is the sales manager at Family Cycling Center. He was able to lead her to Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz and numerous other riders and organizations. Allison realized a profound opportunity, and started the process of beginning a local chapter of Trips for Kids. She feels fortunate to have partnered with so many talented, enthusiastic board members and volunteers, who have taken that original idea into a real adventure. Allison loves mountain biking and being in nature. She wishes she wasn’t quite so timid on the mountain bike and would enjoy crashing less often?

John Fuchs, Past President, is a General Contractor and Real Estate Broker in Rio Del Mar. He fell in love with guiding kids as a result of coaching his daughter’s teams in volleyball and basketball. He also coached the Aptos High School golf team for four years. Besides his family and his business, John’s other passion is mountain biking. “For me, Trips for Kids combines my interest in working with kids with the satisfaction, sense of accomplishment and self-fulfillment that comes with mountain biking. Trips for Kids has provided me an incredible opportunity to make a difference in young people’s lives who may be in search of healthier lifestyle choices. I look forward to helping kids, one ride at a time. Happy trails!”

Roxanne HarrisonRoxanne Harrison, Director, Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising, is currently Director of Sales at Synergy Learning Systems, specializing in leadership development and team building. She was introduced to bicycling in 1993 while living in Minneapolis, MN. “My friend was able to get us a couple Trek road bikes pretty cheap. After a week of riding my bike across Iowa and 500 plus miles under my belt, I was hooked!” Roxanne believes biking can be used in a number of positive ways. It can help reduce obesity, increase happiness, reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and help us stay connected with our inner kid. She hopes to be able to ride into “old” age. “Helping kids get that same sense of freedom, joy and accomplishment is what inspired me to get involved with Trips for Kids. It’s those brief exhilarating moments that can change their lives. When I learned that Allison had started a chapter locally, I jumped at the chance to become involved in such a wonderful organization.”

Steve Piercy, Director of Technology, creates professional websites and custom web applications as the owner of his business, Steve Piercy — Website Builder. Steve has not owned a car since 1994, and uses his bicycle for everyday transportation. He served on the People Power of Santa Cruz County Steering Committee, creating their website. Steve advocates for bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure and programs, helping to bring the first green bike lanes to Santa Cruz County in Soquel Village, founding the New Brighton Middle School Bike Club, and bringing a County-sponsored free helmet distribution site to Capitola. Steve also volunteers for Bike to Work/School bi-annual events and the Bike Smart program conducting bicycle skills training. When not geeking out or doing stuff for bicycling, Steve grows healthy organic food in his back yard. “Bicycles give freedom and independence to kids. As they grow up, living car-free means kids have more money to spend on the important things in life—like good food, housing, and bicycle parts—and have more time to live well.”