The Crew1. When recruiting kids, count on a 2/5 show-up rate. We invited 8, had five confirm the night before, and two get to us. These two lucky kids got tons of attention. We all had fun riding lower Nisene Marks.

2. Notice the pink heart? That’s covering a hand gesture. I don’t know if it’s a gang sign, but sure looked like one. And I’m standing right next to him. Nice – keep your eyes on the kids as well as the camera!

3. Arrange for good transportation. Shuttle Smith Adventures has an awesome set up for the bikes and the passengers. Bikes secured? Check. Passengers buckled up? Check. In-transit entertainment by Dave? Check. Thanks for sponsoring us, Dave of Shuttle Smith. We had a great ride over to the park.

4. Bring lots of water and pick a nice place to chill during the ride. Our trooper over there needed a small break – sometimes these darn kids don’t go to bed early on a Friday night. Who knew?

5. Bring some snack money along, especially if you are near Nisene Marks. We had some very delicious Corralitos Market Cheesy Bavarians on buns. Maybe that’ll get the kids out of bed next time!



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